Thursday, November 8, 2012

Check Out This Blog!

Everyone reading this blog should really check out Xandys Blog! Xandys blog is going to have some really cool pictures coming out this month here, here is the  names of them:

  • Pea bean buddy.
  • Baked bean
  • Lima bean buddy.
  • Jelly bean buddy.
  • Hula bean buddy.
  • Little clown bean buddy.
  • Evil villain.
  • Swimmer.
  • Lawn mowing.
  • Mouse with balloons.
  • Watermelon, apple, and pears. 
  • Biker.
  • Grapes, happy green apple, and yellow apple.
  • Astronaut.

 I hope that you come look at this awesome  blog this month! Here is the link for Xandys Blog:

                  ~ Tuki


  1. That is super Cool!

    Green Bird

  2. Thanks, I hope that you check it out!

  3. I will make sure to tell you when there published!


Thanks for the comment! I will publish it as soon as I can. ~Tuki

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